How To Start A Snail Farm

How To Start A Snail Farm

How To Start A Snail Farm by Gerard Dawn

Snail meat has been consumed by humans worldwide since prehistoric times. It is high in protein (12-16%) and iron (45-50 mg/kg), low in fat, and contains almost all the amino acids needed by humans. A recent study has also shown that the glandular substances in edible snail meat cause agglutination of certain bacteria, which could be of value in fighting a variety of ailments, including whooping cough. Edible snails also play an important role in folk medicine.

In Ghana, the bluish liquid obtained from the shell when the meat has been removed is believed to be good for infant development. The high iron content of the meat is considered important in treating anaemia. In the past, it was recommended for combating ulcers and asthma. At the Imperial Court in Rome, snail meat was thought to contain aphrodisiac properties and was often served to visiting dignitaries in the late evening.

In West Africa, snail meat has traditionally been a major ingredient in the diet of people living in the high forest belt (the forested area other than the savannah forest). In Côte d’Ivoire, for example, an estimated7.9 million kg are eaten annually. In Ghana it is clear that demand currently outstrips supply.

International trade in snails is flourishing in Europe and North America. However, in spite of the considerable foreign and local demand, commercial snail farms such as those in Europe, South-East Asia and the Americas hardly exist in Africa. In Ghana, Nigeria and Côted’Ivoire, where snail meat is particularly popular, snails are gathered from the forest during the wet season.

My name is Alena Laila Mikhailov. Just a couple of months back I was just in the same situation as you find yourself in. I desperately wanted a complete guide on how to start a snail farm. Unfortunately, my results were dismal. I knew I had to do something if I wanted to be a successful snail farmer and produce my own fresh healthy meat.

The only problem was that I had no clue where to start:

And what made it worse is that not even one of the books I had read on how to start a snail farm had been able to help me get going in this hobby. Some of them were so mired down in fancy words and worthless that I did not feel confident in taking my first step into snail farming! Others might have passed on a helpful hint or two, but did not solve my desperate problem of raising healthy snails. One night I realized what I really needed was a comprehensive guide on everything to do with how to raise your very own snails.

While searching on the internet I came across this ebook:

  • Name: How To Raise Snails
  • Author: Gerard Dawn
  • Price: $29.97
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The strategies in this ebook not only worked, but the results were completely astonishing. Finally I was completely able to start raising snails and produce my very own healthy produce.

Its a complete snail farming guide and you get everything you need to know on how to start raising snail all the way to marketing your produce. If you want a guide to how to start raising snails I highly recommend this snail farming ebook. It’s worth the investment.

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