How To Start A Tilapia Farm

How To Start A Tilapia Farm

How To Start A Tilapia Farm by Gerard Dawn

Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms, including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants, in freshwater, brackish-water and seawater environments. Capture fisheries, on the other hand, are the exploitation of aquatic organisms by the public as a common property resource, with or without appropriate licences. Aquaculture’s contribution to total global fisheries landings was very low during 1950–1970, ranging from only 638,577 Mt (3.2%) in 1950 to 5.2% in 1970.

Global aquaculture production continued to grow to 9.6% in 1980 and 16.3% in 1990. In the 1990sand early 2000s, this production grew at an outstanding rate to reach an annual rate of 32.1% in2000, 34% in 2001 and 35.2% in 2002.The average annual compounded growth rate of aquaculture production was 9% per year during1970–2000, compared with only 1.3% for capture fisheries. Half of total global aquaculture production in 2002 was finfish (25,728,611 Mt).

Tilapia are freshwater fish belonging to the family Cichlidae. They are native to Africa, but were introduced into many tropical, subtropical and temperate regions of the world during the second half of the 20th century. The introduction of tilapia into those areas was for:(i) farming as food fish; (ii) recreational fishing;(iii) aquatic weed control; and (iv) research purposes. Tilapia have many attributes that make them an ideal candidate for aquaculture, especially in developing countries.

My name is Estel Chlodochar Lundin. Just a couple of months back I was just in the same situation as you find yourself in. I desperately wanted a complete guide on how to start a tilapia farm. Unfortunately, my results were dismal. I knew I had to do something if I wanted to be a successful tilapia farmer and produce my own fresh healthy meat.

The only problem was that I had no clue where to start:

And what made it worse is that not even one of the books I had read on how to start a tilapia farm had been able to help me get going in this hobby. Some of them were so mired down in fancy words and worthless that I did not feel confident in taking my first step into tilapia farming! Others might have passed on a helpful hint or two, but did not solve my desperate problem of raising healthy tilapia. One night I realized what I really needed was a comprehensive guide on everything to do with how to raise your very own tilapia.

While searching on the internet I came across this ebook:

  • Name: How To Raise Tilapia
  • Author: Gerard Dawn
  • Price: $29.97
  • Guarantee: 3 Month Money Back
  • Delivery: Instant Download

The strategies in this ebook not only worked, but the results were completely astonishing. Finally I was completely able to start raising tilapia and produce my very own healthy produce.

Its a complete tilapia farming guide and you get everything you need to know on how to start raising tilapia all the way to marketing your produce. If you want a guide to how to start raising tilapia I highly recommend this tilapia farming ebook. It’s worth the investment.

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